Using the BAC60 autosampler, convenient routine analysis is more accessible than ever before. At the moment we have over 50 happy users, but we still have room for additional users.

Reservations for Bruker Avance DRX spectrometer: If you would like to gain access to reserve time, please contact André Boltjes.

The online reservation system is available HERE



Modern NMR spectrometers cost hundreds of thousands of euros, so it is imperative that new users respect the instrument and use it in a manner that will insure that these spectrometer continue to produce high quality data for years to come.

The NMR staff is happy to train any post-docs, graduate students and undergraduates associated with the University of Groningen as well as external companies.

The BACS autosampler takes away time consuming adjustments, most users drop their samples and process the data behind their own computer. The ease of measurement brings the training to intructions of only a few minutes, making the machine very accessible

As always, let us know if you have any questions.


NMR is an extremely powerful technique for investigating the structure of chemical species, primarily those in solution, by the radio-frequency interrogation of the sample held in a powerful magnetic field.

In addition to routine structural analyses, NMR experiments can be designed to probe phenomena including molecular geometry, binding between molecules (for example drug candidate binding to biomolecules), molecular motion and following the course of reactions in situ. Biomolecular NMR is a powerful method for structure determination of proteins, DNA, RNA, carbohydrates and their interactions in solution.


  • Bruker Avance 4-channel NMR Spectrometer
    • 500 MHz, with TXI probe
    • Gradientshimming
    • 60 pos Autosampler


The instrument is equiped with a BACS60 autosampler which provides a high throughput for many users within and outside the university.

Contact A.Boltjes@rug.nl for more information

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