Recent news; March 2015

Ajay Chandgude and Dr Konstantinos Neochortis, two of our groupmembers which both show exceptional results in their research, were selected to join this years Lindau Meeting. At the Lindau Meeting in 2015 a record number of around 65 Nobel Laureates will congregate to meet the next generation of leading scientists and researchers. The 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting will be attended by more than 600 excellent students, PhD candidates, and post-docs from all three natural science Nobel Prize disciplines: medicine & physiology, physics, and chemistry. The programme of this interdisciplinary Lindau Meeting will feature a multitude of lectures, panel discussions, and master classes.


Oktober 2013

Prof Alexander Dömling is awarded the Smoluchowski visiting professorship at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

Prof Alexander Dömling, head of the Department for Drug Design at GRIP is awarded the Smoluchowski visiting professorship at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. During his stay in December 2013 in Krakow he will teach a short course on multicomponent reaction chemistry and a practical course on computational structure-based drug design. The prestigious Smoluchowski visiting professorship is named after the Polish scientist Marian Smoluchowski who contributed fundamental work amongst others in the area of the blue color of the sky as a consequence of light dispersion on fluctuations in the atmosphere. The Jagiellonian University was established in 1364 and is one of the oldest universities in the world. It was just announced as the elite Universities of Poland.


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