Drug Discovery at the Speed of Sound

The workshop held on Tuesday January 30th was a  great succes with many interesting presentations. The sessions were recorded and can be found below. 

Please follow this link for the program with all the speakers.

The videos follow the schedule in 3 sessions, where the afternoon program is covered in the 3rd session video.

The individual presentations:

Campus Groningen-Drug Discsovery Speed of Sound
Drug Discovery at the Speed of Sound – Alexander Dömling

Acoustic Dispensing – Shabnam Shaabani
Acoustic Mist Ionisation – Ed Sprake
The Chemical space of MCR – Dinos Neochoritis
DDSOS – Matthew Groves
High Throughput Affinity Screening – Christian Kleusch
High Throughput Single Molecule FRET – George Gouridis
Phenotypic Screening 384 Patch Clamp – Elena Dragicevic
High Throughput SPR Helge Schnerr

Grant opportunities

Chemistry in One Pot